When to wear T-front underwear?


All PS-Ling leotards, swimsuits and panties use highly controversial anatomical T-front cut. It has only a narrow strip that passes over intimate area and widens only over the clitoris. T-front thongs were originally designed as virtually invisible dance leotards worn under ballet and dance costumes during performances. Over time, however, the underwear of this cut has found a number of users outside of dance, ballet or sports for its surprising comfort and health benefits (unlike the classic cut, T-front does not restrict blood circulation or lymphatic vessels in the groin). We asked several of our customers to share with us their reasons and ways of wearing our underwear.

"I wear T-front bodysuits quite often as part of my outfit. But I definitely always take it to the beauty salon for bikini area waxing, where it keeps me from feeling completely naked in front of the beautician, while making sure that no bikini will be under-waxed."

"I travel a lot both for work and for fun. I spend long hours in public transport without being able to get enough exercise, except perhaps the occasional quick stretch. T-front thong style bikinis are excellent for longer flights, train or bus journeys to allow blood to circulate well. After all, on long flights this is quite an important thing and many doctors point this out. I always make sure I wear T-front underwear for travel, I have a couple of panties in this cut, but I prefer to wear your T-front thong bodysuit when travelling - it doesn't strangle my waist with extra elastic either."

"I work in an office with a computer. I usually wear T-front bodysuits with skirts, often for more than 12 hours. The're very comfortable to wear and don't bunch up or restrict movement under the skirt. I sometimes wear them also when working out under sports leggings and I would say it is very comfortable for working out as well. I appreciate that it doesn't come out of the skirt and stays in place while not being too tight. The health aspects are also a nice benefit of this cut. The fit takes a little getting used to, but after 2-3 wears I found it very natural and I hardly notice any difference from the traditional underwear cut. It also looks very nice on the body."

"Our acrobatics group, in which I perform, mainly performs air acrobatics on flying trapeze and on trampolines. When practicing, I have to concentrate completely on executing the exercise flawlessly, because the slightest mistake will end up in a trap or even with an injury. I must not get distracted by anything, not even by such a seemingly small thing as an unexpected slip or a bunching of the exercise leotard. The leotards we use in performances are cut quite high on the sides, which, while visually lengthening the legs nicely, contributes a lot to the sudden slipping of the leotard. The most uncomfortable thing is if the leotard slips at the crotch and cuts suddenly into my private parts. I learned from my colleague to effectively prevent these uncomfortable feelings by using a T-front thong leotard, which I wear underneath my leotard both during practice and during our performances. Once dressed, one quickly gets used to the fit of the leotard and I can't be surprised by the sudden discomfort when the outer leotard is shifted."

"Horse riding has been a great hobby of mine since my childhood and I have been doing it professionally for the last few years. Special tight jockey trousers are worn in the saddle. The top is usually cut like a bodysuit so it doesn't come out of the tights, and usually thong style with the fastening very much in the front so as not to be uncomfortable in the saddle. A classic cut bodysuit does not fit under the tights, first making its panty lines noticeable under the trousers, and second having its hems extra uncomfortable when moving in the saddle because the weight of the whole body presses on them and presses them into the skin on the inner thighs. The same happens to hems of any regular or thong panties worn under riding bodysuits for hygiene reasons. I somewhat accidentally discovered the T-front cut and now I only wear this cut underwear under my riding bodysuit. It's even more comfortable than the seamless briefs I wore before, and it protects the riding bodysuit reliably so I don't have to wash it after every ride."

Pictures are illustrative only, source: Instagram @pslingcom

Compiled by Andrea