What others say about us

Here we will link references to our products on the Internet. The original articles can be accessed by clicking on the images.

PS-Ling T-front bodysuit review (Medium)

The French-Caribbean blogger Wen (@comicsgirlsneedbras) tests our T-front thong leotard for exercise as well as for everyday wear. Her conclusion is "I love a good black leotard, and this one will get used again ... I think it can work very well as an additional layer during Winter or as outerwear during Summer. This open back would be the perfect excuse to expose strappy bras/bralettes as well. ... I think dancers who struggle with their current dancewear could totally give it a try."

Discussion on the Quora forum about front-thong bodysuits

We found a reference to our bodysuits on Quora.com - dancer Laura praises them as a basic layer for dance and workouts. To her surprise, she found them to be one of the most comfortable bodysuits she has ever owned. Of course, she wears them only covered by skirts or trousers.

PS-Ling Underwear T-front thong review (size M)

Wen is a Canadian lingerie blogger, regularly contributing to the iconic Lingerie Journal. It is interesting to see how her opinion evolved from the original "Wow, that looks very uncomfortable" before trying our thong to "if you find your traditional undergarments annoying during sport, maybe you should give this a try" afterwards.