What is the difference between frong and T-front panties?


      Last week, a fashion blogger has asked us about the difference between T-front and frong (frontal thong) and whether it is not the same cut. We've conducted a survey of fashion websites and came to the conclusion that these are definitely two different cuts. 

     Frong, which stands for FRONtal thonG, is a design with high cut sides that is used for swimsuits and bodysuits. Frong bodysuits are often cut so high on the sides that the hems are visible even above high-waisted skirts or trousers, not to mention low-rise garments. It is an extravagant piece of clothing (originally worn by celebrities and intended mainly for clubs), showing plenty of skin on hips and optically lengthening the legs. 

     The front strip of the frong is narrower than that of classic bikinis, but it is still wide enough for its hems to pass outside the labia and therefore covers them. Of course, it requires a perfect shave of intimate parts and constant attention from the wearer so the frong does not reveal more than expected. With movements, one or both of the frong bodysuit/swimsuit edges  can occasionally wedge between labia. Because the strip is still quite wide, such a front wedgie is usually very uncomfortable and requires quick (and sometimes very noticeable) occasional adjustments.

      On the other hand, the T-front cut is not necessarily cut high on the sides. It is derived from ballet underwear, where the cut on the sides is only so high that the under-leotard does not show out of the shorts or costume skirt. The difference is also in the width of the front strip, which in the case of the T-front cut is intended to be placed between the labia, which are therefore not covered anymore. The strip passes between labia and widens only above the clitoris, so it does not constrict veins, arteries or lymph vessels in the groin even during a longer period of wear. Although the strip is narrow (it typically reaches a width of 0.4" or a maximum of 0.6" on the clitoris)  it still functions as underwear by protecting the dance costume or leotard from contamination by body moistures. 

      It is very easy to get used to T-front and forget about it totally when wearing it also confirmed by multiple reviews written by multiple lingerie bloggers.  Due to its revealing nature, originally intended only for underwear and leotards, the T-front swimsuits must usually be additionally covered - for example by light board-shorts or retro panties.


     Both frong and T-front cuts, of course, find their use as erotic clothing, for their skimpy and revealing appearance. But for T-front this not its primary purpose. Their primary goal is to stay free and comfortable when wearing it as an underwear, dancewear or swimwear.

                                                                                                                                         Stay healthy!    Andrea