What are the basic types of T-front thongs?


T-front thong is a type of women's underwear or swimsuit with a string extended to its front. It does not cover anything, but maintains the basic hygienic function of underwear. The T-front cut originates from traditional clothing of ancient human cultures, where a narrow string between labia protected the most sensitive and unprotected parts of women's bodies. Modern T-front thongs are usually sewn only from strings or cords, or using an elastic fabric or lace around the waist. They are mostly designed as minimalistic underwear, but some companies also produce swimwear in a T-front design.

From a health point of view, T-fronts bring a significant reduction of risk of restricting blood and lymph circulation in the vessels in groin area - in contrast to classic tighter cuts of bikinis or thongs. When wearing T-front panties, there is also no irritation of sensitive areas during activities where the legs perform rhythmic movements in the opposite direction, e.g. when walking or running.

The T-front cut of the front part is used for panties of many types.

High-waisted T-fronts

High-waisted T-fronts, are perfect under dresses or loose overalls as they form the figure beautifully. However, be careful to wear it under low-rise skirts, jeans or other trousers - as any high-waisted underwear, they tend to show up when bending over.

Low-rise T-front thongs

Source: www.ps-ling.com
Source: www.ps-ling.com
Source: www.ps-ling.com
Source: www.ps-ling.com

Low-rise T-fronts are perfect under hip pants or low-rise skirts. But be careful not to show their signs on your hip sides under clothing made of thin fabric or knitwear.

T-front shorts

Shorts are also made in T-front version. They are actually high-waisted T-fronts with reduced cutout on the sides, so they resemble shorts, but of course only with a thin strap between the legs.

Lace T-fronts

Lacy T-fronts underline femininity and tenderness. Pay attention to quality and fabric of the lace, some may scratch or irritate your skin. Lace t-fronts need to be washed by hand or using a delicate washing cycle of your washing machine.

String-only T-fronts

Source: author's archieve
Source: author's archieve

What? Just strings? It is not only very sexy, but it is also the most airy type of panties, the skin can breathe perfectly, and you still feel that you are wearing some underwear. Especially under a loose skirt during windy days, such panties can save you from providing a random impression that you go "commando" ... at least from behind!

Pearl T-fronts

Some modern designs use a string of pearls through the intimate places for aesthetic or stimulation purposes.

What can be the T-front panties shaped at the back?

As the title of this article suggests, the most common is the T-front design combined with the thong cut of the back.

However, panties with a T-front style can also have the back in Brazilian or even classic style:

The T-front cut can be either unnoticeable, so that if the panties are flashed accidentally,, the string over intimate parts is not obvious and the garment looks at first sight like ordinary thong or G-strings:

On the other hand, the T-front cut-out can also be very explicit and obvious:

In conclusion

The T-front panties are suitable for women who find any wider fabric stripe between their legs uncomfortable, for instance due to the piercing in their intimate parts, T-front style is also used for some other garments like leotards or bodysuits including the most luxurious ones -we have an article on these in our blog, too.

Contrary to some expectations, T-front thongs are not unpleasant or irritating for most users and they even stop to feel their presence on their bodies shortly after putting them on. Comfortable T-front panties should be made of elastic material with an inelastic lining inset in the crotch.

And what about you? Do you wear T-fronts? And how do you like them?

written&translated by Kristína