Bodysuit -  a versatile garment


Bodysuits can be used instead of undershirt under the shirt or a blouse, but also as a top under jackets, sweaters or suits.

The one-piece garment serving as a top and panties in one is increasingly used both as underwear and outerwear in recent years. One of the advantages is the cut that encircles the figure, and thus highlights the curves of the wearer. In some cases, it may also have the supportive function and shape the figure. Correctly shaped support can lift the bust, stronger and stretch material will again strengthen the belly and slim the waist. Bodysuits are made of many fabric types from soft cotton and stretch fabrics to seductive lace.
If someone wants to wear the bodysuit as a separate top to office, it is recommended to choose models with sleeves, whether short or long. A great alternative, for example, is a collared shirt.
The lower termination can be divided into two groups - with crotch snap or hook fastening and without. The crotch opening will be appreciated by the wearer when visiting the toilets. However, the models without opening between the legs can be more comfortable to wear. The following termination shapes are used:

Classical (full) cut

Classical (full) cut - in the style of classic bikinis or even short shorts. The main drawback is the risk of visible lining beneath skirts and tight trousers. From the health point of view, classically cut bodysuits may, in particular with tighter or too short cuts, limit the circulation of blood and lymph by strangulation of blood vessels in the groin. The classic ending is suitable under any garment including, for example, jeans shorts.
Brazilian cut - a more revealing style that partially covers the cheeks but reveals its bottom. The cut is sexier than the classic one but does not address the risk of visible bumps and seams at the back. Also, the risk of limiting blood and lymph circulation by strangling blood vessels in the groin is similar ly high to the classic cut.

Thong-backed bodysuit

Thong bodysuit has a minimized back piece in the form of a strap or string between the cheeks. This will ultimately reduce the risk of visible bumps, but it is essential to take care of perfect cut and size selection so that the strip does not wedge more than it is supposed to (in case of too tight bodysuit) or does not move unhygienically during bending or sitting down (in the case of too loose bodysuit).

T-front thong bodysuit

T-front thong bodysuit - has also the front part minimized to the form of a narrow strap or cord passing through the intimate parts, usually worn over pantyhose or panties. Unlike all previous cuts, the circulation of blood and lymph in the groin vessels is not influenced. Appropriate size selection is for obvious reasons even more important than in a thong case. The T-Front termination is suitable under skirts, dresses or loose trousers.

Do you consider the T-Front thong bodysuits too controversial? If so, then you should know that some luxurious dresses use in-sewn back-less bodysuits with an anal ball. The exclusive and extravagant dresses with high gaps in the front and a deep cut in the back, make impossible to wear any underwear underneath, excluding also C-string panties or adhesive panties. These bodysuits have a narrow strip of cloth passing through the crotch, ending with a ball, which the wearer inserts into herself. Comfortable, huh?