Dana's review: T-front leotard for yoga?


From the PS-ling catalog, I chose a leotard with a T-front cut. Specifically, a nude color option with a deep round neckline in the back.

Although it may seem at first glance that this leotard will not be completely ideal for yoga, the opposite is true. Yes, a T-front cut may seem controversial, uncomfortable, vulgar and you name what else. Of course, it's all about personal preferences, taste and also depends a lot on the level of prejudice we carry within us. Personally, I think that from time to time it is makes sense to let something new into one's wardrobe. Of course, it may not always work out and you won't like the cut, but maybe it will be quite the opposite.

What do I enjoy about my T-front leotard

I see the biggest advantages in a very pleasant material. It is high-weight, nearly 100% cotton with some elastics added. The leotard fits firmly, warmly, always in shape, and most importantly, it is really very pleasant on the body. I highly recommend its fabric.

The leotard in this body color is practically not transparent at all, so one can wear it without bra with no worries. It is almost skin-colored; slightly apricot / beige. Therefore, it suits to my body tone and is also well suited as a complement to a casual skirt or shorts. This is simply a very practical piece of clothing. In itself, the leotard is very sexy and feminine.

How do I wear it

I chose the leotard for sports, respectively. for my regular home activity - yoga. Comfort is essential for me when exercising, and also the fact that I don't need to make sure to keep my T-shirt tucked in my leggings when I'm leaning forward or on my head. It's ideal when I can't feel my clothes at all and this T-front leotard is perfect in this respect. Not only does it look good on the body with this very chic neckline, but mainly it simply fits and I don't have to think about it at all when exercising. Which is quite important in yoga and meditation - not to let your thoughts disturbed.

How's that string down there

Yes, the string down there...is there. We could say that it is a two-sided thong. String-only in front and back. Specifically with this cotton leotard, the string is super-comfortable and it neither irritates nor distracts. Cotton is simply cotton. If it does not fit perfectly, you can always work with the fabric - pull it out a little and release it so that the fabric stretches and the leotard lengthens. Everyone's body is different, but you can adjust the leotard quite well so it adapts to you.

Who will enjoy this leotard?

I would definitely recommend it to all women who like to wear thongs and leotard. You need to get used to the feeling of wearing T-front underwear, and most importantly find the right size. 

Many thanks for your review, Dana! Other reviews of our products are available here. Leotards for yoga exercises can be ordered in our e-shop.

Added by Anna, 1.10.2020