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T-FRONT THONG SPORT SWIMSUITS were designed for active woman that need modest but attractive swimsuit for her  lessons or trainings. The T-front cut is highly anatomic and has several health benefits compared to regular swimsuit designs.

The T-front concept is used with underwear, bodysuits, leotards and swimsuits. In the T-front design, the thong passes over the intimate parts and only widens above the clitoris. The T‑Front thong concept provides several advantages in sport apparel particularly for the following reasons:

  • The T-front cut does not limit the blood and lymph circulation by pressing on the vessels in the groin, and therefore does not restrict the blood and lymph flow even if worn for an extended period of time - unlike the classic swimsuit.
  • During rhythmical leg countermovement during swimming, running or walking, there is no contact with moving skin areas so these are not strained or irritated.
  • During figures with widely open legs, the T-front swimsuit does not wedge uncomfortably.
  • If the T-front thong swimsuit is worn under other clothing as a bodysuit, no pantylines are visible and the inner swimsuit never shows out.

For most girls and women, wearing T-front garments is neither unpleasant nor stimulating. Similarly to classic thongs, it takes some time to get used to wearing the T‑fronts. Once the wearer becomes familiar with the string passing between the labia, the T-front becomes less felt - contrary to common expectations. Most women only speak about a feeling of absolute freedom which is not comparable with any other leotard type. Of course, to ensure the highest wearing comfort, a care must be taken about proper sizing and the swimsuit fabric must be of high quality and 4-D elastic. The cover-up high-waisted retro shorts guarantee modesty when moving around the pool. These very light-weight shorts come with each swimsuit in color-coordinated pattern.  

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