Ambassadors welcomes new ambassadors to spread awareness about the brand. Conditions for participation are:

-own instagram account 

-desire to take nice and funny photos.

The task is to take few photos of you or another woman wearing our bodysuit, leotard or panties (beware - certainly not immodest or showing too much skin to keep aligned with Instagram and Facebook rules - for examples see the pictures in this article) and place them individually at least one day apart on your instagram account, each with the following (both) hashtags:

#pslingcom #psling_leotard

Of course, you can add any other hashtags.

If you want to become our ambassador, please, send an email to with your name, Instagram username, address and the order number of the product you want to photograph, including your size and color preference, We will send you on our cost the required sample immediately (if available) and will expect your picture uploads in 30 days. The number of expected samples depends on the sample type:

- thongs or any goods from the current PS-Ling offer of your choice up to 250, - CZK: minimum 2 (TWO) pictures

- leotard or bodysuit or any combination of goods from the current PS-Ling of your choice up to a total value of 650, - CZK: minimum 5 (FIVE)  pictures

- two leotards or bodysuits or any combination of goods from the current PS-Ling of your choice up to a total value of 1300, - CZK: 10 (TEN) or more pictures

The posts must be spaced at least 1 week (7 days) apart. Multiple pictures in one post count as one picture. reserves the right to report to IG or FB authorities photographs that would compromise the reputation of PS-Ling Inc (immodest photographs or pictures mocking products).



                                                                  Thank you and we look forward to welcome you as a ambassador!